Retail and Consumer

Retail and Consumer goods are very popular on the market, which is driving the demand for transport and logistics services. BARRUS LOGISTICS offers comprehensive services for arranging and carrying out international shipments of goods, including both food (tea/coffee, beverages, groceries, canned goods, cereals) and non-food goods (tableware, hygiene products, household chemicals, perfumes).

Most consumer goods do not require special transport conditions and can be shipped in containers. BARRUS LOGISTICS ensures compliance with the standards and conditions of storage of the transported cargo, taking into account its specifics and characteristics. With many years of experience in transportation arrangement and market knowledge of the Retail and Consumer industry, our experts will develop and offer individual solutions and the best route, taking into account the characteristics of each cargo and the conditions for its transportation.

Our company ensures:
  • Timely delivery of the vehicle according to the characteristics of the cargo;
  • Preparation of optimal route and provision of favourable rates;
  • Compliance with time of delivery;
  • Responsibility for the safety of cargo;
  • Selection of the best method of loading and securing of cargo;
  • Maintaining proper transportation conditions;
  • Preparation and provision of the necessary transport documents;
  • Customs and export support;
  • Compliance with marking of goods;
  • Consolidation of goods.