Oil and Gas

The oil and gas industry is the leading industry in the Russian economy and is closely related to other industries. The combined service and production companies form the backbone of the modern oil and gas complex. Although adjustments have been made to limit oil and gas production in the context of the current coronavirus pandemic, the transportation of equipment for the oil and gas industry is in high demand. More than 90% of the equipment required for exploration and production of minerals is oversized and heavy.

Arranging the transportation and shipment of such cargo requires careful preparation and extensive experience.

For 20 years, BARRUS LOGISTICS has been transporting drilling equipment, exploration equipment, special machinery, oil and gas equipment, pipes, pumps and other equipment for oil and gas service companies, which guarantees quality and efficient transportation of cargo. Our experts will develop an individual, cost-effective and safe route, ensuring that your cargo is delivered on time, safe and sound.

BARRUS LOGISTICS offers the following services:
  • Development of a route that takes the size and weight of the oil and gas equipment into account;
  • Carrying out loading operations in accordance with strict regulations;
  • Reliable securing of cargo;
  • Preparation of paperwork and obtaining all necessary permits;
  • Tracking of cargo movement and control at all stages of transportation;
  • Customs clearance;
  • Carrying out transportation by marine and road transport, as well as multimodal options;
  • Key ports of destination: Vladivostok, St. Petersburg, as well as transportation via Finland and the Baltic ports.