Manufacturing equipment

At the beginning of the pandemic, the epidemiological situation had a negative impact on the industrial sector, namely reduced demand, problems with components, and disruptions in the global supply chain. Most businesses have now adapted to the changing conditions of the pandemic and are focusing on equipping facilities with modern equipment.

Modern equipment is an important part of manufacturing, which stimulates the development of new business, increasing the capacity and efficiency of the company.

BARRUS LOGISTICS offers its clients equipment transportation service by various modes of transport - by road and rail, by air or sea.

We perform both international cargo delivery and domestic “door-to-door” delivery.

Equipment delivery is a complex and labor-intensive process, which requires the necessary experience in this industry and qualified staff. BARRUS LOGISTICS experts have extensive experience in the transportation of equipment and understand how important it is to ensure the safety of the cargo, so it is our top priority.

BARRUS LOGISTICS transports the following equipment:
  • Industrial equipment
  • Medical equipment
  • Food processing equipment
  • Retail and production equipment
  • Small and large electronics

Depending on the dimensions and volumes of your cargo, our experts of our company will select the best cost-effective route, as well as carry out the installation and dismantling of equipment, quickly and competently prepare all documents for crossing customs borders and will be able to track the cargo at any time convenient for you.