Hi-tech and Telecom

The Hi-tech and electronics market has been actively developing over the last 10 years, demonstrating a steady growth in goods of this segment. According to the statistics, the place on a leaderboard of modern countries is primarily determined by high-tech industries, namely computers, television and radio equipment, large household appliances and other telecommunications equipment. However, despite the continuous expansion and improvement of the technology market, the epidemiological situation in the world has made its own adjustments.

The pandemic has boosted demand for computers, phones and other consumer electronics, but due to restrictions and border closures, there have been problems in supply chains and a shortage of reliable logistics companies.

Barrus Logistics has been offering comprehensive logistics solutions for Hi-Tech and electronics shipments for more than 20 years.

Our experts will develop individual routes, arrange transportation within the agreed time frame, as well as help with the preparation and execution of the necessary documentation. Having extensive experience in this industry, Barrus Logistics experts pay close attention to safety of transported goods that are classified as fragile items. Additional external and internal protection measures, checking the marking of boxes with fragile goods, additional fixation of the cargo will ensure safety and security of transportation.

The advantages of Barrus Logistics:
  • Selection of the optimal route and fare
  • Freight forwarder liability insurance
  • Marking of the goods
  • Carrying out loading / unloading operations by means of special equipment
  • Consultation on permits
  • Foreign exchange, documentary and customs control services