Food and Beverage

Foodstuffs are specific cargoes that are susceptible to transportation conditions and require compliance strict rules and temperature conditions. BARRUS LOGISTICS arranges the delivery of foodstuffs, precisely adheres to delivery times, sanitary norms and hygienic requirements during transportation.

BARRUS LOGISTICS experts guarantee the selection of the most appropriate route depending on the type and volume of cargo, the ability to track the transport 24/7, assistance in customs clearance and the development of individual solutions for your business.

BARRUS LOGISTICS arranges the transportation of foodstuffs, frozen and shortlived goods both within Russia and from anywhere in Europe. Our experts guarantee that your goods will be properly and securely packed, observing all cargo dimensions, and loaded onto a vehicle after a detailed analysis of the loading and unloading mechanism.

BARRUS LOGISTICS will take care of the preparation and processing of documentation for customs clearance (price lists of commodities, invoices, customs declarations, waybills and bills of lading).

BARRUS LOGISTICS offers the following services:
  • Full customer support and advice on FEA
  • Marking, grouping and re-grouping of cargo, sorting
  • Handling transport documentation and assistance in customs clearance
  • Moderation of regulatory restrictions and customs procedures
  • Cargo certification (hygiene/sanitary certificate)
  • Strict temperature control depending on the type of cargo (seafood +4*C, fruits and vegetables +8*C, alcohol and bakery products +16*C, frozen foods -25*C)
  • Insurance of cargo
  • Providing a printout of the temperature log upon unloading