Chemical industry

The transportation of chemical cargo and equipment for the chemical industry is one of the key areas of BARRUS LOGISTICS. Our experts have professional competence and, thanks to their experience, are ready to offer individual solutions for customers ,optimize delivery costs and elaborate the best route.

We will help you arrange the delivery of both safe cargo by all modes of transport (air and road transport, rail and sea transport), and the transportation of dangerous cargo (except for cargo of hazard class 1 and 7). BARRUS LOGISTICS arranges domestic shipments for companies in the oil and gas, and chemical industries, strictly following safety and environmental regulations, as well as shipments from Europe to Russia.

BARRUS LOGISTICS services include:
  • Selection of the best route and planning of all phases of transportation
  • Escorting the shipment and being able to track its location
  • Loading and unloading
  • Transportation of dangerous goods (except for hazard class 1 and 7 cargo)
  • Compliance with sanitary norms
  • Preparing and executing permits
  • Certification