Warehouse services

Warehouse logistics is important part of the arrangement of the cargo delivery.  BARRUS LOGISTICS offers its clients efficient warehouse logistics and a service that meets their needs. With modern warehousing facilities, automated lines of receiving and sorting goods and equipment that meet all necessary requirements, BARRUS LOGISTICS offers qualified service.

Our services:

  • Delivery of goods to/from warehouse
  • Receiving and dispatching goods
  • Warehousing and responsible storage of cargo, including cargo requiring certain temperature conditions
  • Depending on customer requirements, marking, sorting and disposal of cargo
  • Strict warehousing and inventory control
  • Preparation of all necessary documentation
  • Cross-docking service

BARRUS LOGISTICS offers its clients full range of 3PL services as follows: transport, customs and warehouse logistics. As a leading 3PL service provider we monitor the market on a daily basis and respond to any market changes. With warehouse logistics services offered by BARRUS LOGISTICS, our customer can minimize costs, build up stocks to meet customer demand and expand the market.