Rail freight

BARRUS LOGISTICS offers international container transportation by rail from China to Russia and Kazakhstan.

Long-distance transportation, low cost, ability to transport goods in all weather conditions, better transit time compared to other delivery options – all these advantages make international container rail transport popular among our customers.

Thanks to our extensive network of shipping agents, we are able to offer a wide range of options for shipping containers by rail. 

We monitor the situation at the Manchuria-Zabaikalsk, Alashankou-Dostyk, Khorgos-Altynkol and Erlian-Naushki border crossings and can recommend the best delivery option to date.

Our experts will provide a full range of services, including:
  • selection of an optimal route and competitive fare
  • cargo consolidation on the dispatching party
  • land transportation of containers from the consignor’s warehouse to the dispatching station
  • photo and videotaping at the loading area, installation of reinforced locking devices (if needed)
  • border control
  • receiving/releasing and pickup from railway station to final consignee
  • Customs clearance on the arrival side
  • $1M freight forwarder's liability insurance