A unique service for contrailer transportation.

Barrus Logistics has successfully carried out contrailer cargo transportation fr om Vladivostok to Moscow. Over-sized cargo weighing 25 tons was delivered in a semi-trailer to the railway station, wh ere the semi-trailer was loaded on the railway platform and sent to Moscow.

This service has a number of significant advantages, which makes it competitive and in demand in the market.

The main advantages of this service:

∙ the ability to deliver cargo without repacking

∙ the ability to bypass the weight and dimension control

∙ less risk of damage and spoilage of cargo

∙ possibility of transportation of up to 100 m3 or up to 25 tons in one vehicle

∙ saving the resource of the truck, which is important during the shortage of automotive parts and components


Our experts will advise on contrailer transportation and provide a highly qualified service.